What is The eCom Voyage?

Would you like to see how to build a successful eCom business from scratch? Are you interested in every detail from product sourcing to traffic and sales funnels? If yes – then read on!

First some background

I was involved with eCommerce for many years. I have helped other businesses to develop and optimize their webshops into cash cows.

I have made several web shops on different platforms for customers.

Then I got involved in a project where I didn’t drive my ideas about the product line or the target audience. It is the project I describe in the About Erik page. It was a disaster where I spent three years and got some serious debt.

After that, I lost all interest in eCommerce and took an offline job.

Time passed, and I couldn’t drop my eCommerce thoughts entirely. Ok, the latest project was not successful, but I had learned a lot in those three years. I realized that I have incredibly much information about what works and what not.

Why not do something with that information?

The options I considered was the following.

I could make a webshop and start selling as usual. It is always nice to make some money. When I have a successful shop, I quit my offline job. That seems like a great plan.

But I wanted to do something more. Life is so much more than money (I wish I had understood that 20 years ago, but that is something for another blog post :-)) Why not share my information with other people interested in eCommerce. If my journey can inspire and help other entrepreneurs, it is worth far more than the money.

What do you have in mind, Erik?

There are a lot of different programs about how to be successful in eCommerce. They all have one thing in common: they show web shops that generate a huge pile of money. That is great but what about the start.

  • What problems where there when they began?
  • How did they become successful?
  • How did they get their first sales?
  • How did they grow the customer base?
  • What niche did they choose and why?
  • What products did they choose?

I could go on forever with questions that might be interesting in the early days in a web shops life.

A new eCom idea

So, I decided to start a new webshop AND share everything with you from the start.

I am not sure about every detail of this project. It isn’t that important to try to figure out everything now. Hopefully, you will tell me about what you want to know more.

I will post updates on the blog whenever I:

  • Add products to the webshop.
  • Optimize the shop for traffic or conversions.
  • Make changes to product descriptions.
  • Add a new traffic source.
  • Every time I post on social media.
  • Test sales funnels.
  • Test different paid traffic sources.
  • Try out what Facebook ads are most profitable.
  • Start with Messenger marketing.

Ok, I think you get the idea. I will post about everything I do to establish a profitable eCommerce business.

When I write about the changes, it is important also to explain why I do certain things. Otherwise, you don’t know how to implement the changes for your benefit.

Finally some words about what I have already decided.

The business model I will use is dropshipping. My goal is to find exciting products that ship from the USA to get short delivery times. That can be difficult in the beginning, depending on the niche I choose.
I haven’t decided on which eCom system I will use.

How can you follow my journey, you might ask?
There will be several options and the best way at the moment is to follow me on the Facebook page.

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