The $3799901 Lesson With Bitcoin

Why I didn’t buy 200 Bitcoin when I could.

As I am a person that likes to try new things and the fact that I have been very active on the Internet since 2004, I considered to buy 200 Bitcoins when they were valued at $10.

I didn’t.

At this very moment the value of 200 Bitcoins is 3799901.00 US Dollar.

I did buy something with the $2000. Maybe I reveal what it was but the sad fact is that I haven’t made anything at all with it…yet.

It is a licensed product and the potential to make some serious money with it, is good. But as always if you want some results, you have to take massive action. I haven’t done that yet.

How do I feel about this, you might wonder? Well, I suppose it would be a lye to tell you that I don’t care. Of course I am sorry that I didn’t make that investment. But it isn’t anything that keep me awake at night. I now that there was something to learn and as the bill for this lecture was almost $4 million it has to be good.

What have I learned?

I hope there is something more that I haven’t found out yet. Right now I don’t feel that there are any really profound wisdom in this story.

Who knows, it could be as easy as this blog post could lead to something very positive. Maybe I meet someone who reads it and we build a new exponential business together :-).

The first thing that come to my mind is action. You have to take action in order to get any results. I did buy something but I haven’t done anything with it. That is actually something that bothers me more than the lost investment in BTC. And I don’t have any really good reasons why I haven’t trued to make some sales with the licensed product. I could list some, but they are all pore excuses and not worth to mention.

It is really difficult to find anything else that I have learned from this. Strange! Maybe it has affected my unconscious mind. That’s why I don’t get any ideas about what I have learned. Interesting.

Maybe I am capable of not thinking that much about things that I can’t do anything about. My meditation has helped me a lot with letting go of things that I cant control.

I suppose that I will be back when I get some more ideas about what I have learned. Right now I feel that even if the price tag of the lecture is huge, the real value isn’t that great. Isn’t that exactly how the school is today. But that is not something for this blog post.

What about you? Have you made any good or bad investments that you have learned from? Please let me know!

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