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I started with Twitter when it was new and back then the point was to follow as many as possible in hope that they will follow you back. Yes it worked and maybe it works today as well.

If it works today, it may work in the way that people follow you back. But, it is not the way we build relations with the people on social media.

We simply don’t have time to interact with tens of thousands of people. So, what is then the purpose of having them? Maybe some kind of social proof that my account is important or some kind of proof that I would be important.

Well, I think people are more intelligent than so. What matters is the kind of content I publish.

I haven’t used Twitter for a long time and I decided to start fresh. I search Google and find an article from Lifehacker about the Unfollow All plugin for Chrome.

Twitter: Are you sure you want to unfollow all users?
Erik: YES

Twitter: Refresh the page when you want to stop!
Erik: OK

Twitter: It is advised that you do not unfollow large quantities of users in one day, according to the twitter guidelines. Use with caution. Cheers!

After that message I got cold feet and refreshed the page and found out that I had unfollowed about 600 people.

What is a large quantity according to Twitter? I don’t know and I didn’t find any good answers on Google either.

I don’t want to lose my account that I have had since March 2007 so I will try to unfollow people every day. There is a Twitter rule about following 1000 people per day and maybe I am safe if I follow that same rule when unfollowing.

We will see. I will update this post when something happens.

Do you use Twitter? What is your experience with it? Let me know in the

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I write about healthy aging, being able to play with grandchildren, and having an active life after retirement. Real easy-to-follow tips for a long healthy life.

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