How Do You Find New Ideas?




What do you do to get your creativity and inspiration flow? Finding new ideas?

I have two main ways to do this.

1. To meditate. I have used Holosync for meditate for seven years. There have been some brakes but I have always got back to this habit.

One of the things I don’t like about it is the fact that it takes about one hour to complete a session. Well, session might not be the right word but you listen to an audio and that audio is one hour long.

So why have I come back to Holosync? There are several reasons but the main one is certainly that I get so many new good ideas when I meditate.

2. The second way to get my creativity on fire is training. I like to ride a bike and also all forms of resistance training. In order to get creative ideas from training I have to push myself really hard. In Finnish there is a saying that we train or compete with “verenmaku suussa”. That means something like… to train to a level when we get a taste of blood in the mouth :-).

Very well. There are my main ways to find new ideas.

OK, now I got to think of a third one that I haven’t used for some time…. I love the nature and walking in a forest or just to sit down on a stone and listen to the silence has sometimes been useful for my creativity.

I think I have 3 solid ways to spice up my thinking. But there is a problem…. I have thought about something for several months now and I don’t get any answers from my unconscious mind. Not even a tiny little hint.

So. what is this compelling question that have bothered me so long?

I want to figure out what my passion is.

I am about to create a new product and I would like to make it about something that is really close to my heart.

Yes, I have some ideas but I am not sure if they really fit in the category of passion.

If I check the hard drive on my computers I also find 2 products that are almost done. The downside about them is that they are not up to date.

Maybe I have to go broader in my thinking. What are my core values? What do I really mean with the word passion?

Do you have any ideas about how to get the right answers to difficult questions? Let me know!

About the author, Erik Astrand

I write about healthy aging, being able to play with grandchildren, and having an active life after retirement. Real easy-to-follow tips for a long healthy life.

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